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The Fool - The Oracle Tarot

The Fool - The Oracle Tarot
The Fool - The Oracle Tarot

It gives us the news of a change, and here is our change card.

New Beginnings, New Start.

As for love you are not ready for a new start yet, it means you are still trying to get over it, or trying to get your courage to let it go. 

The Fool - The Oracle Tarot
The Fool - The Oracle Tarot

The Fool means another new journey is about to begin.

Consider this as a blank slate for a new life. Yet you need to develop a clear personality.

This is a journey to come will shape your character.

You will be filled with optimism and freedom from the and break your chains.

You approach everyday as an adventure, almost like a child You believe that anything can happen in life and there are many opportunities put there waiting to be explored.

People might judge you or may not support your ideas, but if you think they are OK and right and go ahead and try to make them understand.

Being stubborn is not the right thing, explain them in kind and nice way..

You are not ready for a commitment, it's not a good time for serious relationships. Finances will be good if you work hard.

On health wise it is telling me that you still have not been to your doctor yet, take your health problems seriously and go to your doctor, if he is not helping go and see another one.

Do not fool with your health.

The Herb For The Fool is Ginseng

Be a little bit more social go out and see people, dine, drink, listen to music, just feed the hungry spirit / soul of yours The Ascended Master for The Fool is The Maha Chohan
The Fool is a start of new journey, but you have a childish side, a little naive, you believe everything you have been told.
Sometimes you prefer a simple life, and sometimes it is the best to live without having worries, anxiety and stress, and act like nothing is troubling us.
You'll have new opportunities work wise.
As for spirituality you have just started it. 
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