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The Bodhi Tree - Oracle of The Trees

The card represents a great stone statueof the Buddha, seated cross-legged withhis hands in his lap, meditating undera large sacred fig tree (Ficus religiosa)

Buddha is represented while sitting on a gigantic lotus flower, a symbol of purity,enlightenment, and spiritual rebirth 


 The Ficus religiosa is a plant from the Moraceae family, indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, common in China and Indochina.

It is a semi-evergreen plant whose leaves fall in the dry season. The tree can grow to up to 30 meters (nearly100 feet) with a thick trunk of up to three meters (about 10feet) in diameter.

The Ficus religiosa is sacred to Buddhists because, according to tradition, Buddha received his illumination at the foot of such a tree. Seated beneath the tree, Siddhartha Gautama(fifth century BCE) meditated until he reached Nirvana, thus receiving illumination (Bodhi).

A descendent of this tree canbe found today in the temple of Mahabodhi, in Bodhi Gaya, in the Indian state of Bihar. No one knows how many success there have been, but they are believed all to have been true heirs to the one whose foliage gave shade to the Buddha.The current tree is a place of pilgrimage, and the temple is one of the most important holy sites of Buddhism.

You'll be very intuitive, and aware of what's going on around you, you might discover some documents you thought you had lost, or things hidden / concealed from you.

You will also receive an answer about the question / information you have asked / requested.The answer you will receive won't be unexpected, but it will be beneficial to you.

The letter might be an important information that you have been waiting for.

If you are waiting to hear about your heart matters, expect to hear from the person that matters to your heart.

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Oracle of The Trees

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