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5 of Cups - Silver Witchcraft Tarot

5 of Cups - Silver Witchcraft Tarot
5 of Cups - Silver Witchcraft Tarot

You are suffering with a loss, it might mean that you have recently loss someone in your life, facing the death of a loved one, friend, someone you cared for, as well you might have just become unemployed. 

You have no hopes left, not hopes of winning.

You have accepted the defeat

You pity yourself.

You feel like you have been defeated

You feel like something has been taken from you, it might be an actual theft or it might been you feel like something that belongs to you that has been taken away from you. (such as your partner broke up from you to be with someone else)

If that's the case, your relationship might have just ended, but this ending process is the start of a new I understand that you might not be ready for a new love yet.

Just give yourself the time and space you need.

5 of Cups is about disappointments, and brings unwanted feeling when things doesn't go as well as you excepted.

You are unhappy because of it

The Five of Cups symbolises disappointment, and the feelings that come when things go differently as you expected.

You are unhappy as the thing didn't turned out the way you wanted to be.

Instead of moving on and forgetting, you have stuck in the past.

Just get rid of all the negative feeling, you might miss the other opportunities coming through your way !!

The Herb for 5 of Cups is Horsetail

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