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Strength - Mermaid Tarot

Strength - Mermaid Tarot
Strength - Mermaid Tarot

Strength the state of being physically or emotionally strong.

Strength can be physically strong

Strength can be the strength of spirit

Strength is a part of your life.

If you draw this card universe wants you to know that you are strong, you can be strong, if you consider all the problems you have gone through..
Being strong doesn't mean that you are harsh or using physical force.

Being strong means being yourself no matter what, even after going through all the difficulties.

You need to be strong when circumstances are testing you, I know it's difficult to be strong under those circumstances..
Strength card is telling you not to be desperate.

Strength tells you your mind is important, You need to focus on what you want, what you don't want.

Control your fears, control your impulses, don't lose your patience.

Spend time alone by yourself (alone without anyone around, even if you have many kids, and a couple of boyfriends)

You need to keep your head up straight.. Never look down on yourself

Strength card is also associated with Greek Goddess Athena & Thor in Norse Mythology

Strength card tells us that you are stronger than you think

Strength also tells us that you are compassionate and you always have time for your loved ones. 
Archangel for Strength is  

Lord Maitreya

Herb for Strength is Cayenne

Deck Used Here 

Mermaid Tarot

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