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BARMBRACK - Hallowen Oracle

 BARMBRACK - Hallowen Oracle


Sweetness and energy

A pea, a cloth, a coin, a ring and stick

Within a loaf of speckled sweetness

Slice it and eat it

A glimpse of my fate's completeness

Not quite a cake and not quite a bread, barmbrack is a sweet loaf, larger than a typical bread loaf,baked with flour, sugar, salt and dried fruits such as raisins. 


The making of barmbrack is an Irish tradition that still stands around Samhain (Halloween).

The person baking the loaf would be sure to set the intention for love, truth and synergy whilst preparing.Inside the dough, a number of special objects are hidden and baked into the loaf.

The objects are used as a kind of random oracle each one has a particular meaning which represents the fate of the person who found it in their slice!

The traditional objects include a coin,a pea, a stick, a ring and a small piece of cloth like muslin.

Some other additions, made in more modern times were religious medals.

Should your slice of the brack contain a coin, this would indicate prosperity and good luck.

The pea unfortunately an meant that no marriage would occur for you that year, yet finding the ring meant a marriage was certain. The stick --- to be avoided at all costs -- indicated disputes and unhappiness and finding the cloth meant bad luck and little money ahead.

When you pull the Barmbrack card, it indicates a curiosity to know what is ahead but it's important to balance that with the now --- after all, we have the tools to change our future should we choose.

Flhe sweet synergy of barmbrack all the ingredients including the objects are more complete and powerful together, than they are individually, should encourage you to seek your own 'sweet spot'

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