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Cow Spirit - The Spirit Animal Oracle

Cow Spirit - The Spirit Animal Oracle
Cow Spirit - The Spirit Animal Oracle


The miracles are endless

You are at a beautiful point in your life today, for your needs are being met effortlessly and in so many ways. 



Fully embrace this truth by focusing on all you have right now, including the positive relationships that sustain you, the work you are proud to do to contribute to the world, and the activities that inspire you and nourish your soul


Cow Spirit nudges you to pay attention because this is the perfect time to focus on the choices, actions, and behaviors that you know feed your soul and bring your heart contentment. 

Now is also the time when you will see many of your projects and commitments that were set in motion in the past begin to yield valuable gifts that will bring you joy and love and sustain you for a long time to come.

Stay positive and share your well-being with others.

The more you share, the more you will manifest, so be generous.

Cow Spirit promises you will never run out of miracles.

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