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Owl Spirit - The Sacred Forest Oracle

Owl Spirit - The Sacred Forest Oracle
Owl Spirit - The Sacred Forest Oracle

Owl Spirit


The sun has set, and you feel a trans-formation occurring ... your body shape-shifts into an owl!

You stretch out your huge wings and silently soar to the top of the tallest pine tree and look over the moonlit forest. 


Your ability to see the smallest details, even in the darkness, is remark-able. Your sight expands, and you see luminous light bodies of the spirit of the forest.

They signal you with love and compassion.


Abounding insight, profound majesty,and grace are available to you now, simply by pulling your awareness inward.

Ancient wis-dom is emerging. You know the truth. 


Trust your intuition and perceptions right now.

You are a truth-seeker and a truth-sharer.

The excellent sight of an owl in the darkness corresponds with your ability to perceive the reality of a situation, even in 'the murkiest of conjunctions.

When this card chooses you, you are at the advent of a time of profound illumination and transformation.

The owl sits at the shoulder of Athena and Merlin, revealing sacred truths. In some native cultures, the owl is called the "night eagle," for it has the majesty of the eagle, but works silently in the darkness of night.

This card can also mean that it's time to embrace your dark side as well as your light.

Through doing so,you will be in balance.The Spirit of the Owl says:

Messages from Spirit: 

Trust in your ability to see the deepest truth in situations and in people.

Wisdom is growing within you in mysterious ways, beyond your awareness.


This is a good time to sign up for inspirational courses. 


 Look for them and trust what you feel. 

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The Sacred Forest Oracle

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