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Ptah - Auset Egyptian Oracle

Ptah - Auset Egyptian Oracle
Ptah - Auset Egyptian Oracle


The most ancient creation god of the universe and the Neteru.

His mummified form represents fire incarcerated in matter as he materialises the metaphysical principle of creation. Ptah followed the orders of Tehuti to be the architect of the universe, and this powerful alchemist was the consort of the fiery Sekhmet. 

Only together could they create all things.

The entire universe is therefore a combined divine creation.

life was never one On earth.

I created the seed of the sun and the moon.

If you had my powers would you be happy, or would you simply see a lot of work to be done?

I do not give answers to people on earth, but I see their difficulties as humans with limited powers so I say to you to invoke the and Sekhmet, and the God Tehuti too, and together we will weave a dance of creation that will reinvent your spirit even while on earth

You will create abundance easily if you invoke me into your life.

  You will find the partner you desire and together you will create a good life. 
Reconsider your current relationship if there is not enough passion and fire.

 Now is the time to follow your passion in life. 

Take care not to enter into fiery arguments at work

Work as a spiritual teacher or healer would suit you.

Now is the time for successful travel for both work and spiritual purposes.

A new surge of energy and good health is coming soon. 

Avoid unnecessary stress and focus on meditation and self-healing.

Your family seems to keep creating deeper bonds but this may be tested by one member with a fiery temper.

Seek creative answers to family dramas.

A busy and creative life awaits you now and all of your dreams are possible.

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