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Forbidden - Wisdom of The House of Night

Forbidden - Wisdom of The House of Night
 Forbidden - Wisdom of The House of Night

AS YOUR GODDESS, I Am Sending You This Warning You Are About to Enter into A situation that Will not Be Easy And Could Cause You or Others Pain.

Not all doorways meant to be opened, not all relationships are good for you.

Not all love is expressed, not all desires are realized.

Right now, I am saying no to you.

The Symbol for forbidden also reminds you that although you feel pain, when someone rejects you.

This is is one my ways of protecting you.

I may whisper to someone's ear to stay away.

It is for the best, evenif you don't believe it right now.

This is a symbol to move on and choose another path.

We can not always get what we want in life,and we need to learn to live with this.

The truth is universe has some other plans for us.

We need to trust the universe, there are always reasons why we can't always get what we want.

There will be always better things are waiting for us.

Don't get upset, when you can't find tickets to go somehwere, or the guy you fancied decided to go with another girl.

All this means is now is not to right time.

When the right time comes, you will be able find the right person, you'll be able to find tickets to go the destination, you wanted to go..

Be Patient and have hope.

Think positive and send positive vibration to universe.

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Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle

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