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Pueo- Earth Warriors Oracle

Pueo- Earth Warriors Oracle
Pueo- Earth Warriors Oracle



Guardian of the Amumakua

No matter how compelling an experience of challenge, darkness or defeat may seem, you have divine protection and the promise of safe passage through to the dawn.

You will see and hear truth of the light.You shall not be alone on this journey.

Soul guides now help you find your true north.

If you have been proceeding a long a dangerous path, even unknowingly, Pueo will navigate you safely away from evil and ill-wishing, guiding you back to your higher purpose and sacred path.


Information that may have been hidden for a time will come to light.

There is a guiding intelligence assisting you safely through a situation in your life that is otherwise confusing or dangerous for you.

There are divine powers helping you in all situations to do with battles, unfairness or injustice, whether you are consciously aware of these things or not.

The Trust in the signs that you see and especially in the truth that you hear — sometimes beneath what is actually being said.

The accuracy of your insights and perceptions are heightened at this time. Aumakua, in Hawaiian, refers to venerable ancestors'.

This oracle also indicates that loved one son the other side are sending you love and assistance, and are receiving your prayers and intentions for their own healing.

Through the form of Pueo, the guardian owl of Hawaii, invisible help from the spiritual worlds is with you, guiding and protecting you through spiritual warfare, seen and unseen. concept of being in battle may seem far removed from what is, for many modern people, a fairly comfortable daily existence.

Yet when we feel blocked from fulfilling our life purpose — whether due too busy schedule, inner doubts, external obstacles or some other unknown reason — spiritual warfare is exactly what is taking place.

Pueo comes to you with powerful protection for your soul during spiritual battle.

Even when you cannot sense the spiritual light, it is with you, taking the form of allies in the realm of nature, soul and spirit to secure your safe passage through challenge and into fulfillment.

The Hawaiian legend of Pueo tells the story of a man, Oahu,who robbed an owl's nest.

Upon hearing the sadness of the owl's protest, he was overcome by compassion and returned the precious items to the nest, revering the owl as a sacred creature worthy of respect and protection, honouring her as a divine being.

This was considered blasphemous by the ruling law men,and Oahu's execution was ordered. As the execution was about to take place, owls began to gather, darkening the skies with their Wings, making it impossible for the executioner to see or act and Oahu walked free, protected by the sacred feminine that he had chosen to protect.

As spiritual beings we have great power to cake front this World, to use and exploit the feminine world of soul and nature to suit our own personal agendas. Yet when we honour the soul realm as sacred, protect the feminine and recognize her divinity,

We can trust in her generosity and assistance in return. When we forgo disrespect and theft, she will answer us with extraordinary reward. Pueo comes as a reminder that the soul realm of the divine feminine is real, powerfully active and influential in the earthly realm.

Though impediments and restraints that have been imposed on you by the physical world may seem intimidating,and your mind may become enraged and want to dominate circumstances in response, Pueo brings reassurance.

She is capable of overcoming the odds against you, freeing you to live the life you are spiritually destined to live.

Have faith in that which you know to be sacred, even when those around you cannot recognise its true nature.

When the Divine Mother comes to you as Pueo, she also brings a warning to pay attention to anything that would undermine your joy, your sense of effectiveness in your purpose and anything or anyone that provides distraction or drains your vitality.

Claim your right to life, and win the spiritual battle by honouring the necessity of your own soul expression.

Allow her to use her lethal talons and unparalleled skills in the hunt to locate and destroy any influence that would lead to your demise.

Be willing to trust, let go and change course -- or affirm your current path and let nothing derail your progress — according to your inner soul guidance at this time.


You will need either a darkened room and/or a light eye cover(such as a small scarf) for this exercise.

Find a place where you can feel safe and secure to rest quietly.

Say aloud; I call upon 'be unconditionally loving protection of the Divine Mother.

She contains the divine light, so that even in darkness, l am completely and divinely protected.

I forgive myself and others now for all actions, thoughts and beliefs that led to betrayal of the soul.

This forgiveness cleanses my heart and mind

l am now free to honour and respect the sacred order oflife and have trust in my rightful divine place within that great order.

Now it is time to rest. Cover your eyes or darken the roomas you sink into a feeling of being held, as you rest deep into the darkness.

You may like to imagine, feel, visualise or pretend thatthe great owl guardian Pueo silently flies around you.

You mayhear her screech.

She hunts down what would harm you.

She scares away enemies. You are safe, loved and protected.

When you are ready you will slowly return to the day-to-dayworld, stretch and move to ground yourself again.

You have completed your healing process.

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