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10 of Wands - Steampunk Tarot


10 of Wands - Steampunk Tarot

The past is known, but the future is unknown.

Experience is gained, determination is discovered.

10 of Wands is bringing us the news that we have been waiting for, finally the light at the end of the tunnel 


Good news you have passed that non stop circle of bad days and struggles.

You have spend so much time and energy and now you are free of that luggage, weight on your shoulders

Finally you can reward yourself

You became the problem solver in your circle(friends, family) but this comes with a lot of responsibilities, it's a new challenge ( ah those challenges never ends, probably when it ends life will end.) but those challenges needed to be successful

Your business is getting better but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities, you need to remain, calm & patient, you need to know your priorities and solve the relevant problems.

Problem free life is the dream of all of us, but it's not always possible, life is about taking responsibility and knowing your responsibilities, all of us have responsibilities, to our society, family, friends, job etc.

Challenges will keep coming, life is not bed of roses like in the movies, you don't get your dream job, wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend, that dream home with a pool, a puppy, a luxury car and the most beautiful kids in the world as soon as you graduate from school, yet we are lucky if we can find a decent job

This card is telling you "This is real world, people should be moderate, they need to understand, that they cannot solve everything, they need to let go of some other things, we can't get everything we want.

Determination is a different kind of strength than holding something up.

Kind of like the difference between an injury and chronic pain.

Especially if the thing you're determined to see through to the end is a thing that scares you.

We can get caught up in the "holding it up" part and forget why we're carrying the thing.

Herb for 10 of Wands is Prickly Ashbark

Deck Used Here 

The Steampunk Tarot 

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