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7 of Cups - Da Vinci Tarot

This card is all about your inner self, your dreams, your unconscious, hopes, dreams, desires, objectives, plans, goals and unrealised wishes.

It tells us that you are not fully aware of your hopes, dreams, desires, objectives, plans, goals and unrealised wishes by your self conscious self.

It is time to be aware of your hopes, dreams, desires, objectives, plans, goals and unrealised wishes by your self conscious self.

Look carefully what you really want and what you do not want, while you are doing this do not just fly out in the air.

Be stable, be balanced, do not have childish wishes or things that is not going to be come true (like having a crush on a celeb and thinking of getting married with that person)

Do not live in cloud cuckoo land have wishes that can come true, or wishes, hopes that you can or your loved ones can do with hard work .

Do not be a daydreamer.

This is a challenge and journey.

Do not get conclusions very quickly, give it a time,

Be a little bit creative these days, it could be mental, physical or spiritual

You might be an extra picky person, you might have difficulties on deciding and not being able to chose what you want, but this is slowing down your process, your future movements, your life, your spiritual life, mental and physical health.

You need to be honest with yourself and to others in order to move forward, to be able make a positive step.

Ambitions, lack of morality, having low moral life, poor choices are associated with this card.

You might be a pessimist and someone who always thinks of the negative first.

Be clear and specific about what you want in your personal life, in a friendship in a relationship.

At the end it is all about the messages you send to Universe.

If you send positive messages you'll get the positive end but if you send the negative you'll be always upset, grumpy and unhappy.

Also "Be Careful What You Wish For"

Do not let your over active imagination take over your life.

This card also ruled by Scorpio

Don't let day dreams and fantasies rule your life, live in the real world

Herb for 7 of cups is Juniper Berries

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