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The Solitary - Faery Forest Oracle

The Solitary - Faery Forest Oracle
The Solitary - Faery Forest Oracle

Dedication, Self-love, Focus

Within, within you go.

When the Solitary visits, you are about to go within, to withdraw, and retreat from the world for a time.

This can be a response to an event from the outside — a trauma,sadness, or betrayal — and the withdrawing inwards, which appears to be depression, is actually a way of respecting the soul's shadow,investigating it, understanding it, and mastering it.

This card indicates a time when you will go it alone — walk your own path, choosing tocarve a way forward that you can be sure remains true to the deep self.

There will be a time of learning away from the mainstream, and there may be times when you feel isolated and somewhat worried about how your new path will be perceived.

It can also indicate that in a past life, you have suffered for your gifts and spirituality.

But may have experienced a past life as a healer, seer, witch, -wyzard or medicine man, in which a new order decreed your power to be invalid and dark.

This fear still pursues you when you connect with the power of your gift resulting in fears surrounding intuition and your natural talents.

By going within, we learn more about our soul- It is not a part of the journey that we necessarily look forward to, but it is a time great development on the spiritual path and is imperative to growth.

Before we can shine our light in the world, we must ignite our inner spark.

Going inward is actually the sacred task of tending you own sacred flame and learning from it, before turning the matters  to the world again. This card can sometimes indicate that a person had undergone a literal near-death experience.

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Faery Forest Oracle

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