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Akhilanda - The Divine Feminine Oracle

Akhilanda - The Divine Feminine Oracle
Akhilanda - The Divine Feminine Oracle


Everything happens for my liberation.

I choose to become only more love.

Akhilanda represents the essence of the phoenix; she's the indestructible energy that embraces change. 


She knows that everything is conspiring to transform her into only more love and light.

Akhilanda is an elusive goddess from Hindu mythology.

Her full name is Akhilandaeshvari.

Ishvari in Sanskrit means "female power" or "goddess," and akhilanda means "never not broken," so she is the goddess of never not broken.

She can never be broken, because she always is. She is the embodiment of what we try to avoid—the dissolution of our ego's identity.

Her power is unparalleled.

She radiates the potent light and joy that's the go a lot of change, transformation, or pain.

There is very little written about her; she is meant to be known through experience.

She is an intimate, interior goddess that we meet when we are in the darkest moments of grief and heart break.

She shows us where our energy is trapped,where we have been stifled in routines or others' expectations of us. And she whispers the liberation we will experience once we let our-selves break open and allow the new expression of our self to come blazing through.

She reminds us that we always have the power to choose to see every event as yet another opportunity to become more light, to become more of the radiant soul we are here to be.

Many of us exert tremendous energy in the effort to not break or fall apart.

We resist our grief.

Our heartbreak. Or we deny theneed to change until the choice no longerfeels like it's ours.

Something sideswipes us in our ordinary life and shatters who we think we are and how we identify ourselves.

Here's what Akhilanda reminds us:

Vulnerability is our greatest strength.

If we are always broken,we can never break.

Akhilanda is the most intimate and personally powerful goddess because she meets us in those moments when we can feel most alone, most exposed, and most afraid.

She models how to thrive in the midst of change;she uses pain to joyfully and purpose fully transform.

She sees everything as an opportunity to release what isn't serving her.

And she knows that being broken isn't a failure, or something we should avoid; it's actually the whole point.

We are here to let our ideas Of ourselves go up in flames, so that beneath the ashes

When we are  going through a lot, we almost come to breaking point

That's when Akhilanda comes to out lives.

She prepares us for a change and makes us ready so we can get over it with less damage.                     

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