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Mend a Broken Heart Fairy - Oracle of Shadows & Light

Mend-a-Broken-Heart Fairy

Healing from heartache

Here she comes to gather up your heart's sore pieces and place a sweet bandage on the place that is most wounded.

And this one tender gesture does more to heal you than could a thousand years of therapy.

It's time for small kindnesses to be received, for you to know that the little gifts of friendship and sweetness are the ones that will assist you most at this time.

Allow yourself to be treated gently, to be attended to with kindness, and to be hugged.

Allow yourself to accept that this is a time when you need to take goodcare of yourself.

You are healing, and on the mend, but do not undoher medicine by forcing yourself to hurry up and get over it!

"You have been hurt, and this heart feels bruised to me

It may have been what is called a lovers' quarrel or unrequited love, it may have been a breakup, and it may be that an adventure in love that turned harsh.

I am here to help you mend, and 1 will not let your broken heart bleed. I will wash (clear),h eal (balance), the bandage over the and place the wound (protect), and send you the healing that means deep, restful sleep and peace return to you. I want you to take it easy on the path of love for now... soon you will feely our vitality return. But for now, it's a time of rest!"

When you have heartache, it is important to treat yourself well: take time away from the flurry of shoulds you are so often confronted with.

Why not take some time to snuggle on the couch with a favorite old movie, and have a sniffle. Have a long, comforting bath, and be sure to make a promise to yourself to let close people who are worthy ofyour love!

It is not about being bitter or guarded, but you are a sensitive and tender sweet being, and some people are just... not!

So, now is not the time for harshness. Soft blankets, sweet dreams, long baths, and a reduction of the harsh energy around you are best.

Then the Mend-a-Broken-Heart Fairy can fly in to soothe you, You will feel her presence, and she will lift the pain, until all that is left is sweet, gentle wisdom!

If you are heart broken and feeling depressed, you are not alone, everyone gone through, still going through the same experience every day.

If you need help, ask your friends and loved ones to give you a shoulder, during the hard time you are going through

In addition to this you can ask help from your guardian angels.

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