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Durga Kalika - Kali Oracle

Durga Kalika - Kali Oracle

She is fierce divine justice and unyielding resolution in favour of the light.
  She is every method and all means necessary to ensure success for the soul.
 She is the unexpected victory ,rising at the retry moment when all seems lost. transforming tragedy into triumph. 

She is our spiritual sun, our light and our ever-radiant reminder that from darkest night, a net a new dawn shall always arise.
 Dare to trust more in your faith than your fear 

 For every problem that can arise, there are many more divine solutions, unfolding even now.

In the Hindu cosmology through which through which Kali Ma is known, life is sustained through a continual balancing and interaction between the light and the dark, of that which promotes life and that which destroys it. 

In one story of Kali's birth, she erupts in a frenzy of divine wrath, catapulted out of the awakened third eye of the golden warrior goddess, Durga, straight onto the battlefield to arrest the rising power of evil forces.

The battlefield that triggers Kali's emergence is the setting of the ancient war between the light and the dark 
This war takes place in our world daily, and often enough, in our own minds and hearts, It is a war of choice, where our free will decides which qualities are allowed to become stronger in our lives
 Do we choose love or hate, trust or doubt, faith or fear? When we want to choose the higher path but find it difficult to avoid being overcome by our lower nature, or the negativeness
around us, the divine beings of love manifest their presence to strengthen the light In Kali's case, she absorbs the darkness, thereby freeing us from its potentially overwhelming and undermining effect.
 Kali's birth on the battlefield has meaning. Durga, the unconquerable goddess of light, with the weapons of every divine being at her disposal, had encountered a particularly virulent negative being. 
Whenever a drop of his blood touched the earth, he multiplied, becoming ever more powerful.
 When Durga realised a weapon greater than all others was required to beat him, she summoned her energy and birthed Kali from her third eye. 
Kali is a weapon of the light and an expression of love's protective will.

So, Kali leapt forth, gobbling up every emanation of the demon and every drop of blood before it could touch the earth, ending the cycle of terror.

Kali is the wrath of the goddess of light, divine fury inaction.
 She not only strengthens the workings of goodness in our lives, but she reverses negativity's grip and brings it to an abrupt halt.

The healing consequences of this intervention can result in dramatic change.

Situations that obstruct us, even without us fully realising it, give way, and through that process,an easier and more graceful path unexpectedly opens up.

When this oracle arises in a reading, an unexpected ease and grace are due to manifest. Know that the fruition of your soul shall be unstoppable.

Whatever divine protection is necessary to secure your fulfillment, shall spontaneously arise.

The symbolism of new demons popping up from drops of blood hitting the earth is a representation of the duplicity and resistance of negativity. It is always seeking new ways to compel the mind toward judgment, fear, anger & hate.

The ego continually seeks new ways to inflate itself above and below others to justify itself & to congratulate itself, to separate and distinguish itself as either superior or inferior.

The workings of ego promise so much, but deliver nothing but suffering. If Kali needs to manifest for the pestilent misery of ego to be overcome, then out of the luminous beauty of Durga,the wrathful ferocity of the divine feminine warrior,Kali Ma,awakens and acts.

This oracle guides you to allow divine intervention to support you during the battles taking place in your life or your mind.

If you feel that darkness is gaining higher ground, and your ability to trust in the face of the unknown is being challenged,fear not.

Durga Kalika arises when we have an unusually difficult challenge and the ways we usually support ourselves are insufficient to deal with these circumstances effectively

We need to be open to inspiration and willing to adapt so the light within is protected and the pathway ahead continues to unfold without unnecessary future difficulties, even if that takes us beyond our usual methods of operation
 It is a portent of unexpected success, even when everything appears to be going against you.

You can trust that the tide of the most virulent negativity shall turn, swiftly and decidedly


Say this prayer aloud:

Durga, mother of light and solar radiance of spiritual Protection, I open to your divine blessing of Kali Ma, born of necessity. You gift the power to be effective, to be resourceful, to accomplish sacred work and attain spiritual benefit of all beings.

You will not allow anything to overcome my true nature and divine purpose.

May your light and inventiveness bless my way, clearing negative interference, deflecting impure activities, and ensuring the protection and deflecting impure activities, and ensuring the protection and manifestation of the highest truth through your grace for the spiritual benefit of all beings. Jai Ma!

Place your left hand at your heart and your right hand at your, plexus chakra (on your abdomen, above your navel).

Feel transfer of energy between the two.

You now receive love and courage for your heart, which infuses the solar plexus chakra, so your determination and will are invoked in service to the divine love of the heart.

Sense this beautiful, supportive and mutually empowering connection between your will and your heart When you are ready, repeat these mantras to Durga and Kali MA eight times:

0m Dum Durgaiyei Namaha. 0m Krim Kaliyeyi Namaha.


Rest in the vibration you have created.
 When you are ready, place your hands in prayer at your heart and bow your head. 

You have completed your sacred ritual of invocation.

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