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What's Waiting Us in 2022?

This year, I decided to use 6 cards from different decks.

We're all going through difficult times, so I decided to ask the cards What's waiting us in 2022? 


5 of Wand & Chaos 


It looks like we're surrounded by obstacles and there's nowhere to turn to ask for help.We don't know who's on our side whether these people are thinking of our good.

This is not going to end unless we come to our senses and see what's really going on.

Big Heads, Elite doesn't care about you but themselves, the goal is removing who doesn't serve them "useless eaters"

They are focused & determined to make this to come true, to achieve their goals

You have a choice, you either stand by for your rights, and fight for it, or get lost in your own voice.

You'll have conflicting relationships with your family.

These people will do anything to achieve their goals so decide what you want in life.

This is a monopoly game & a toxic garbage.


A storm is brewing..

But The Chaos card is telling us there's still light at the end of the tunnel. There will be a new start, a new beginning, better than before. 


Turning Inward - Full Moon in Aquarius

"Inside this veil of bone and flesh I lay my soul to sleep. All the truths within the breath have come to greet me."

This year there will a new you, a more enlightened, the more awake, a person who's more aware of things going on behind the scenes version of you.

Dreams can always change, what has changed is you learned and grown up over the years.

You need to lean to connect your inner self.

Do not allow others or social conditioning to dictate what is right for you. Being connected to your inner,most authentic being helps you to develop a better sense of self.You will be better prepared to defend your choices when you know your worth and who you are the most fundamental level.

Sometimes we pursue someone or something for all the wrong reasons. Our ego gets involved, and we start to chase wrong dreams, wrong people.

Just back off for a while, worry less.

Full Moon in Aquarius is a powerful card, finally the cat might be coming out of the bag...

Full Moon in Aquarius will bring your awareness back to your life, and opening your eyes, that will allow you to see the truth hidden from you.

Basically this will be your awakening, so far this card is also corresponding the previous 3 cards.

You need to wake up to see the games played, to see you have been lied & coerced .

The truth will set you free

Sage & Raku

The Sage represents the wise one within. This card is telling you, you're preparing to be more aware & awake of things surrounding you.

You have committed to your growth, Sage is asking you to continue to be aware & awake.
Work on helping other on their awakening journey.

Offer your energy, offer your knowledge to help others.

Raku is used in attunements, as well as in individual healings.

It helps lift negative energy while taking the student into awareness.

It is also used at the end of attunements to help separate the master from the student after the session is complete.

When Raku appears in your cards, you are being asked to consciously and subconsciously lift negative influences and energies from your life. This can be something as small as a kind word to another person or a random act of kindness each day.

When you lift negativity from your life, you invite positivity to fill that space.

Rakus energy is both immediate and powerful and it calls you to shift the conscious thought of your atmosphere to positively affect change for yourself, our environment and those who surround you. 


Decks Used Here 
Crow Tarot

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck

Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards

Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle

Oracle of Ascendance

Seasons of the Witch Yule Oracle

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