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Eye of The Storm -The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle


Eye of The Storm -The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle
Eye of The Storm -The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

Safe Haven

Eye of the Storm is a safe haven for your soul,a calm centre no matter what upheavals may occur. 

A life-support system during stressful times or serious illness, hold onto it during challenges so that you keep things in perspective. 


Self-understanding: You may be allowing the challenges and traumas of life to push you off-centre.

Stress and pressure are a major cause of your disease.

You could be focusing too closely on one aspect of life to the detriment of others.

Look at the wider picture.
Divination: Time to relax and let go of your stress. Stay mindful rather than watchful. 

Excess adrenaline adversely affects your immune system.


 Switch on the positive potential in your cell walls. 


Meditate quietly to rejuvenate your DNA. 


You can stay centred and calm no matter what storm rages around you.


FREQUENCY: earthy and high




SOUL PATH: walking safely through the storm

Stress and anxiety are the major cause of our health issues.

We can't always live a stress free life but if we learn to minimize the stress out of our lives, we'll have healthier life especially mentally.

We can try to meditate, We can try doing yoga, or whatever makes you relax, even a hot bubble bath


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