All About Paranormal: Surrey
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Haunted Surrey

Box Hill:

According to local folklore, an eccentric sword-wielding officer, Major Peter Labelliere, roams the summit by his grave, where he was buried upside down, as instructed in his will, in 1800.

The upside (down) of death!

The subject of death is not usually taken quite so lightly, but across Surrey and Sussex, folk have been approaching it in some rather unusual ways. Meet the people who didn't take death lying down, as it were!

Major Peter Labelliere - Box Hill, near Dorking, Surrey

There may have been some dispute over whether John Oliver is meeting his maker the wrong way up, but in Major Labelliere's case there's none. 

Had sandwiches been invented by the 4th Earl of, then Major Peter would have certainly been a picnic short of them. Slightly barking, to put it mildly, the officer of the Marines, who lived in Dorking, had lead a somewhat unhappy life.

He had fallen in love with one Hetty Fletcher, at an early age and, according to an early 19th-century book called "Promenade round Dorking" was eventually rejected.... "a circumstance which could not fail to inflict a deep wound on his delicate mind". 

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Haunted Farnham

Haunted Farnham

Guildford Road

Bourne Mill:

One mile east of the Borough along East Street stand Bourne Mill at 61 Guildford Road, just before the Shepherd and Flock roundabout.

This is one of Farnham's oldest buildings. Little is known about its very early history, but internal evidence reveals lat Tudor construction within the eastern commercial wing, and eighteenth and nineteenth century interior facade within the western residential wing.
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The ghost at Claremont lake

The story of a ‘high profile’ ghost at a National Trust site in Esher has been unearthed.
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Haunted Hampton Court

Hampton Court Palace in East Molesey, with its 500 years of history, has seen many dramatic royal events from the death of Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour, to the condemnation and house arrest of his fifth, Catherine Howard, for adultery.
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Surrey Paranormal sighting

A31 Hogs Back, Guildford bound (02/01/07)

A driver watched a horse-drawn box carriage cross the road around 100m in front of him. The witness reported that he could not make out too many details as it was raining hard, though he was able to see a dim lantern towards the front of the carriage. As the driver reached the spot where he had seen the vehicle pass, he realised there was no side road where the coach and horses could have crossed.

A31 Hogs Back, Guildford bound (1960s)

A driver spotted a female figure with long hair, wearing a white dress, standing by the roadside. The witness stopped to see if she was lost or needed a lift, but she had vanished.

A324 towards Pirbright (1995)

A driver said he drove past a 1920s red double-decker bus however, no sound came from the bus, and there was no smell of exhaust or wind turbulence generated as their paths crossed. He later identified it as a 1920’s Dennis J Type of the Aldershot and District bus company.

Ash (1938)

The rector at the Ash Rectory wrote that he had been awoken by the sounds of galloping, and opened his eyes just in time to see a phantom coach and a team of horses pass through his bedroom. It was said that the phantom occurrence had also been experienced by previous rectors, and that the rectory was built on top of an old road.

Ash Green (1930s)

An old man in green appeared at Ash Manor in one of the bedrooms and is said to have looked real, though when a witness tried to grab him, he passed through the figure. Described as short, and looking like a tramp, the ghost had what appeared to be a slashed throat. The nearby fields are haunted by the sounds of galloping horses.

Box Hill (Repeated sightings)

Major Peter Labelliere died in 1800 and, following his own request, was buried upside near the summit of the hill. Even though his dying wish was carried out, this has not prevented Labelliere from roaming the area near his grave. A ghostly horse and rider have also been reported.

Bramley (Unknown)

In a former antique shop on the High Street a phantom girl is said to stand in a former doorway out the front which is now sealed up.

Bramley (Unknown)

A crossroads near to the Chinhurst Woods is supposedly haunted by an old female gypsy and her aging mare.

A3 Burpham (01/12/02)

Police were called to the scene after several motorists watched a car crash off the road but they discovered not a fresh accident, but one that had occurred five months previous. The car was in a ditch, making it impossible to see from the road, and the skeletal remains of the driver were recovered.

Cranleigh (Unknown)

A headless Thomas More is said to drift near to Baynard’s Park. After being executed in 1535, Sir Thomas had his head hidden at Baynard Hall until the heat died down but, still not happy, he drifts without the object in the nearby park.

Dunsfold Aerodrome, Cranleigh (2006)

Workers on the 007 film Casino Royale reported seeing the ghost of a woman moving along the aisles of a 747 they used as a set. It is believed the phantom is of a female passenger who died from a heart attack at least thirty years previous.

58 - 60 West Street, Dorking (Unknown)

William Mullins took his wife and child across to the Americas on the Mayflower, however they died soon after. It is believed he now haunts his old home. 

Dorking (Unknown)

A decapitated rider on horseback follows a road that no longer exists through a graveyard where the figure crosses the gravestones and vanishes through a hedge.

Pippbrook House, Dorking (Unknown)

The ghost of a woman wearing a long grey dress is reputed to haunt the staircase in Dorking library, while a phantom butler has also been reported.

Polesden Lacey, Dorking (1980s)

The original house no longer stands, but ghosts such as an apparition of a whirlwind have been seen in the grounds as well as a figure dressed in a brown robe and hood.

White Horse Hotel, Dorking (Unknown)

The ghost of the ninth Duke of Norfolk remains in the inn rumoured to be too drunk to depart the land of the living.

King’s Arms Royal Hotel, Godalming (Unknown)

The sound of boots and clothing being removed in a bedroom in the early hours of the morning.

Westbrook Place, Godalming (Unknown)

Figure dressed in a cloak only seen by moon light.

Great Bookham (03/08/10)

A shaggy brown creature was seen in the middle of a track between Polesden Lane and Admiral Walk. The blurry ’Shuck’ was around a metre high, very shaggy looking and had brown fur then vanished.

High Street, Guildford (Unknown)

In one of the buildings echoing footsteps, slowly traversing the first floor, can be heard by people on the ground, though no one can be found when the area is searched.

Angel Hotel, Guildford (01/01/70)

The spirit of a nineteenth century military man was seen gazing back at two witnesses as they looked into a mirror in room one.

Guildford Castle, Guildford (Unknown)

A Victorian woman see walking around the grounds of the castle who is rumoured to not realise she is dead. Other ghostly figures have been seen around the castle.

Losely House, Guildford (Unknown)

Woman in brown seen repeatedly on or near the staircase of the old house, often staring with wide black eyes but many have said they felt unthreatened by her.

Guildford (1700s)

Christopher Slaughterford was hanged in 1709 for murdering his girlfriend though he said he was not guilty. This was the last public hanging in Guildford and his ghost was reportedly seen years later with a roper dangling from his neck, burning torch in hand and screaming ‘vengeance!’

Sutton Place, Guildford (1900s)

The sounds of furniture being smashed can be heard here, though investigations can never find anything broken. Glimpses of a woman in white have been reported by staff, though she quickly vanishes.

Guildford (1969)

A car park was built on the site of a house where a Quaker’s daughter died. The workmen briefly saw her before she faded away.

Guildford (Unknown)

Shadows of three women supposedly killed for the crime of witchcraft.

Car park, Guildford (1960s)

A tall girl with grey eyes and long grey clothing is said to haunt a car park in the town.

Hindhead Close, Devil’s Punchbowl (24/09/71)

A man spotted a figure in tattered clothing staggered across the beam of the car’s headlights and disappeared into the punchbowl. The witness later returned to the area and found a memorial stone to the unknown sailor, who was murdered in the area in September 1786.

Devil’s Punchbowl (Unknown)

One legend says that the punchbowl was created after the Devil leapt into Surrey to avoid sunrise. Another story says Old Nick accidentally created the punchbowl while throwing clods of earth at Thor, while a third tale states that the Isle of Wight was created after a giant scooped out the punchbowl and threw the earth at a rival (who he missed).

Leatherhead (1950s)

A spectral figure of a monk wearing what appears to be long brown sackcloth has been seen by staff at the St Mary and St Nicholas church.

Leatherhead (1930/1)

A tall phantom woman was seen by several drivers as she stood in the middle of the road. She would vanish a few seconds later. One speeding truck driver was convinced he had hit and killed a real woman, until he stopped and searched the area for a body - there was none. A few months later, this woman was replaced by a ghostly nurse who lay sprawled out in the road. As with the previous phantom, she would disappear a few seconds after being seen.

Leith Hill (Unknown) 

The site of a battle where the Saxons engaged the Danes is said to be haunted by matching soldiers from both camps.

A3, Milford (06/11/10)

An off duty police officer driving home was forced to brake and swerve to avoid an oncoming motorcycle on the wrong side of the road. Seconds after stopping the driver looked into his mirrors but there was nothing to be seen. The driver also remembered looking to the right as he swerved, seeing the headlight from the side but the rest of the bike was not visible.

Hound House, Peaslake (1900s)

A friendly little ghost was often seen sitting around the kitchen and former servants' quarters.

White Hart, Pirbright (1963)

This figure, seen briefly in a bedroom before it vanished, was described as dark and hairy, with a black hat.

Boughton Hall, Send (Unknown)

A phantom old man walks the upper parts of the building while smoking a pipe. It is more likely that the smell of smoke be perceived than the apparition.

Silent Pool, Shere (Unknown) 

A woman is said to have drowned after swimming out too far to see Prince John. Her naked ghost has been seen there.

Tilford (Unknown)

The area around the Donkey pub and inn is haunted by a donkey that was beaten to death by its owner.

Waverley Abbey (Unknown)

A Cardinal has been seen on a number of occasions in the old dining hall. It is believed that he could stand guard over a hoard of hidden treasure.

West Clandon (Unknown)

Woman dressed in satin seen at Clandon House walking the grounds and sometimes through the house. A male ghost also haunts the area, recognised by his overgrown facial hair.

West Clandon (Unknown)

A dragon which was giving the locals a hard time was killed by an ex-soldier and his dog, the dog leapt onto the creature’s face, while the man decapitated it.

West Clandon (1896)

The ghost of Elizabeth Knight, the demented wife of a former owner of the park, was seen by twenty people running across the grass waving a knife in the air. When they shot at her, the figure vanished through a nearby brick wall. The presence has also been observed in the house, though much calmer in nature.
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Haunted Guilford

The sightings are not confined to old town centre buildings.

A woman dressed all in white was spotted at the roadside on the A31 Hog’s Back road to Guildford plus the repeated appearance of a horse-drawn box carriage and a motorcycle.

In 1995, a man driving along the A324 towards Pirbright said he drove past a 1920s red double-decker bus, which made no sound or wind turbulence generated as their paths crossed.
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Guilford Car Park Ghost

Guildford: A car park was built on the site of a house where this young woman died; she was seen briefly by workmen before fading away
The ghost of a vengeful donkey, a girl who haunts a car park and the slaying of a dragon are among the paranormal sightings reportedly seen in and around Guildford.
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Hampton Court Pub Ghost

Hampton Court pub ghost 'beyond spooky
As the haunted face of an elderly lady appeared in a routine family photo, was it a ghostly apparition or is there another reason? 
A ghostly image has appeared on a photograph taken in a pub next to Hampton Court Palace.