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What to Do if a Ghost Hunt Frightens You -

feeling nervous?
What to Do if a Ghost Hunt Frightens You

After a particularly vivid ghost hunt, people sometimes get nervous
about what they've just experienced. Here are a few facts to

Ghosts do not follow you home.
Ghosts haunt a location, particularly cemeteries, for a reason. If
they could leave, they wouldn't be at the cemetery (or house, or
battlefield) in the first place.

Ghosts cannot make you do things you do not want to do.
Ghosts are not hypnotists and they do not have powers beyond those
that they had in life.

Frankly, any spirit of the dead which is still tied to the earthly
plane, has a specific reason for being here, and it's not a power
trip. Usually, their powers are significantly less than an average
living person's.

If you're having "unwanted thoughts" after encountering a ghost, get
professional help. Ghosts are not the problem.

Hollywood imagery can be fun, but it's not real. Steering wheels
don't jerk out of your hand. Bed canopies don't sprout spikes and
fall on people. People are not "taken over" by ghosts unless they
consciously agree to accept the trance state. If someone
is "possessed," something else is going on. It's not a ghost.

Ghosts do not "curse" you.
Ghosts are just people living in another dimension, or perhaps on
another plane. They have no superhuman powers other than--perhaps- -
enhanced telepathy. They cannot curse you. They do not turn
into "witches" when they die.

Ghosts cannot hurt you.
Poltergeists are the only "ghosts" that ever harm people, and even
then it's usually nothing worse than bruising.

The one and only poltergeist on record for killing someone, was the
Bell Witch, and there is evidence that the original Bell Witch was a
hoax. (The Bell Witch Cave and vicinity appear to be genuinely
haunted, but that's another story.)

People often ask why we warn against ghost hunting alone. It's not
because of ghosts, it's because you might turn an ankle in a
neglected yard or cemetery, and need help. Or you might encounter a
bunch of drunk teens or hunters who don't want you around.

At Hollow Hill, we are not afraid of ghosts, but we are wary of
isolated sites.

Ghosts will not haunt your dreams, keep you awake at night, etc.
Unless you're deliberately sleeping in a haunted house or camping at
a haunted battleground, ghosts do not usually travel from their
earthly locations to bother you.

Most ghosts "move on," eventually.
Spirits of the dead remain on earth for a specific reason. Usually,
they're fighting reality and want to turn back the clock; they want
to change an event from the past.

In rare cases, they simply have a message to pass on, or a minor
task to accomplish. We've only encountered this once in hundreds of

One notable exception is when a spirit returns to help a friend or
family member, or just check to be sure you're okay.

Spirit guides, angels, totems, are a different topic. They are not
malicious, ever. Don't worry about them.

You never have to worry about a ghost following you forever, or
anything like that. It simply doesn't happen.

Spiritual energy is pretty much all the same to a casual observer.
If you're in a setting where there is poltergeist phenomena, you
probably won't be able to guess whether it's from a spirit of the
dead, or someone nearby with RSPK.

(RSPK is Remote Spontaneous PsychoKinesis, or the ability to move
things using your thoughts, consciously or not).

Don't assume that the dish that flew across the room was propelled
by a spirit of the dead. It could be a prank by an ESP-gifted person
who is very much alive, and near you.

We hope this puts your mind at rest. If you have other questions or
worries, no matter how silly you think they sound, ask us.

Ghost hunting is fun, and it's often fascinating to encounter
ghostly manifestations.

However, ghost hunting itself is not hazardous, and ghosts are not
maliciously wandering the earth as portrayed in movies and novels.

Nothing bad will happen to you if you go on a ghost hunt and take
proper precautions, such as not going alone to a deserted location.
Frankly, most of your concerns should be about the living, not the
spirits of the dead.

Consider another hobby if spirits and hauntings really frighten you.

Really: if ghosthunting isn't fun, find something else for your
spare time. The more you go ghosthunting, the more spirits and
manifestations you're likely to encounter. If you're nervous now,
it'll only get more intense if you continue.