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The Tower - The Gothic Tarot

Today's is the 4th of June, and Today's card is The Tower
The Tower is usually a sign of chance.
SO things will start to change in your life slowly.
SO today your plans might be disturbed today, No big plans for today.. 
You might be temperamental so control your anger for today...
DO NOT  over react.
It is time to panic when it comes to finances and work.
This might be a sign of breaking up from your partner. It is a sign of an end of a relationship. 
Do not make risky investments. 
Pay attention to your health. 
Mars is the ruling planet of The Tower, so it is a sign of war, fight, struggle. 
It is a war between good & evil
light and dark 
It is an awakening in a way but a bad one.
Learn your mistakes.  
You might have conflicts today, confusions
You might feel like everything is going upside down, your washing machine might be broken, you might lose your  credit cards, losing your keys etc etc
*The Card I used here is The Gothic Tarot Compendium by Joseph Vargo*
They are the creators of Madame Endora Oracle Deck..