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Burning Serpent Oracle The Book of Life

 Burning Serpent Oracle
 Burning Serpent Oracle 

Burning Serpent Oracle

Today I will be using Burning Serpent Oracle for my daily readings. 

Card 1

The Book Of Life

It is all about secrets and hidden things, you might discovered what's been hidden from you, a big secret that you did not know about it,  when it comes to love you might meet someone new that you do not know about. 


Card 2

The Stork

    center>I guess we all know what Storks brings lol,baby news on your side or in the family perhaps you want a baby but you are unsure, so stork is telling you I will bring a change into your life it also means change, change is coming or it already arrived, In love expect positive changes, When it comes to Health except some positive improvements , Career wise is a new career is in the horizon

Card 3

The Man

It represents any male figure – husband, father, son, brother, male friend, boss… ( also you need a man for stork to be able to bring what it is going to drop to your door step lol :) relationship with a significant man is on its way.