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Haunted Locations in Britain

The spirit of George II haunts Kensington Palace in London, where he died. Bettiscombe Manor, near Lyme Regis in Dorset, houses the skull of a West Indian Slave brought back during the 17th Century. The spirit of the dead man would not rest in the nearby churchyard so the skull has been kept at the house to avoid the terrible hauntings following his burial. The village of Pluckley in Kent is home to a least 12 ghosts, including a miller, a schoolmaster, a gypsy and colonel. An eerie whistling can sometimes be heard at Balcomie Castle, near Fife in Scotland where a servant was starved to death in the 16th Century for playing his tin whistle. Anne Griffith r Awd Nance asked that on her death her head be interred at her home, Burton Agnes Hall in Humberside. The request was ignored and her ghost came back to haunt the house until her wishes were carried out. 
The spectre of the Black Prince appears at Hall Place in Bexley, Kent, as an omen of death or disaster. The well-travelled ghost of Anne Boleyn returns to Blickling Hall in Norfolk on each May 19th - the anniversary of her execution. Seven ghosts loom large at Ballechin House in Scotland.
 The sound of a ghostly hunting horn and baying hounds can be heard at Purse Caundle Manor in Somerset. Westminster Abbey has several ghosts including that of the unknown warrior.

Jedburgh Castle in Scotland was once host to a chilling apparition in a cloak which when pulled away was revealed to be empty London’s Adelphi Theatre is haunted by the ghost of actor William Terriss, who was murdered outside the stage door in 1897. 

Thorpe Hall in Lincolnshire holds the presence of the green lady, a Spanish woman who fell in love with owner Sir John Bolle and whose spirit followed him home to England after her death. The mistress of Sir Tarquin, killed by Lancelot, lives on in ghostly form at Tamworth Castle in Staffordshire. The spirit of Nell Gwynne inhabits Salisbury Hall in Hertfordshire, the house bought for her by Charles II.
 Lowther Castle in Cumbria is haunted by Sir James Lowther, an eccentric who insisted on bringing his wife down to dinner - even after she was dead. 
The Shipwright’s Arms near Faversham, Kent holds the ghost of a sailor who emits a “strange musty smell”. 
 The ghost of a sleepwalking man haunts Herstmonceux Castle in Kent.  
The suitably named Chillingham Castle, in Northumberland, boasts manifestations of a young boy, walking skeletons and the ghost of Lady Mary Berkeley, who lived a lonely life there after her husband ran off with her sister.  
Leeds Castle in Kent is haunted by a phantom dog who brings bad luck to visitors.  
Broadcasting house in London's Regent Street, is home to the BBC and the ghost of a limping butler.  Castle Rising, Norfolk reverberates to the mad laughter of Queen Isabella, who was held captive there after plotting against her son Edward III.  H
ampton Court has an embarrassment of spooks - up to 25 according to some estimates, including two of Henry VIII's wives, Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard, whose screams are still heard.  If the Loch Ness Monster is rarely seen it may be because it is wary of the Ghost of Annie Frazer at nearby Aultsigh Inn, who was murdered by her lover in a jealous rage. 
 St Thomas's Hospital in London is haunted by Florence Nightingale.  St Donat's Castle, Cardiff boasts not only a spectral panther roaming its corridors but also an invisible pianist who strikes up at will.  
The Tower of London is inhabited by several headless apparitions, including Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey.  
The Devil himself is said to drive a coach and horses up Lawnmarket in Edinburgh.  
A nun, walled up in Southfleet Rectory in Kent returns to haunt the place.  Ashintully Castle, near Kirkmichael in Scotland, is haunted by three ghosts including that of a tinker hanged there for trespassing.  
The ghost of Anne Boleyn is said to cross the bridge over River Eden at Haver Castle in Kent every Christmas Eve.  At Cortachy Castle, near Kirriemuir in Scotland, a young drummer was sealed inside his drum and hurled from the battlements after having an affair with the lady of the castle. The sound of his drumming still can be heard. 
 Dixon Green Labour Club, Farnworth, Manchester is haunted by a ghost known as the Blue Lady, who has been regularly heard and seen in the club since it was built, after the original manor house on the site was demolished in the 1930’s

In August, 1971, several residents of Lawrence Gardens, Liverpool reported seeing the figure of a policeman, dressed in old-fashioned uniform, wearing a tin hat and carrying what looked like a gas-mask case, making his way along the dark streets. 

The figure of a Franciscan monk has been seen many times at Chingle Hall, Preston and also walking over the bridge outside. Footsteps have been heard in the same area and doors have been seen opening and closing by themselves. For some years the Railway Inn at Rawtenstall, has been haunted by the ghost of a woman, known affectionately by the locals as “Jane”, described as being a tall lady, dressed in grey, who has been seen walking through guests’ bedrooms, and has even been seen passing through a partitioning wall.

Ghostly marching footsteps are said to be heard at Newton-le-Willows, Warrington during the month of August. It is thought that these sounds are the last few steps of Highlanders, fighting for the Royalist cause, who were caught and hanged on the spot by Cromwell’s troops, in August, 1648. The St Peter and St Paul church at Caistor has long been reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a monk who enjoys playing the organ at night. In January, 1967, in an effort to squash the reports and put an end to rumour, the vicar placed a tape-recorder in the church one night and locked and sealed the church. When the tape was played the following morning, however, footsteps were heard walking through the empty church, followed by the playing of the church organ, and banging noises that had not been previously reported.

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