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Tarot of the Druids - Fairy Tarot Cards

Tarot of The Druids
Reading for February 27 
Let's see what's the daily messages from the cards today... 
Tarot of the Druids
I will be starting with 
The Tarot of Druids Ace of Pentacles The Fairy Tarot Queen of Autumn
Queen of Autumn from the DV Fairy Tarot Deck & Ace of Pentacles R position on Tarot of Druids

Consider this Queen to be like a fairy godmother. She cares about everyone .

She is generous and giving and loves to make dreams come true. 
She adores luxurious and beautiful things. 

Her family means the world to her.
She loves decorating.
QA has got expensive tastes, she likes her luxury (Very Expensive things) She’s very picky. She spends a lot but she is good at managing money 

QA has got the ability to turn things into more beautiful, QA is a crafty lady. 

QA may be  extremely sensible.
 QA loves her plants, gardening, outdoors, QA loves being in the nature

QA might a wonderful parent. A wonderful auntie,  Wonderful sister, a Wonderful Friend

Let's have a little jump to Ace of Pentacles in reversed position

interesting isn't it having 2 money cards

One is talking about spending so much money on luxurious items 

Ace of  Pentacles in reversed position tells us 

Not to think too much about money at the moment. Your finances will stay stable and it will stay stable when Ace of Pentacles appears.  AP also tells us that you are good at spending money other than earning money, remember what QA told us before " love for luxurious items"  

If you are in a relationship do not compare yourself with you


The Fairy Tarot Deck Queen Of Summer

Queen of Summer from The Fairy Tarot  & 2 of Wands from The Tarot of Druids 

The Queen of Summer is beautiful and serene.  She radiates love and peace. The Queen also a great mind reader! It's not easy to fool her.  Extremely intuitive, she understands your heart better than you yourself. QS is an outstanding counselor, who can help you get clarity on whatever situation is troubling you.

This Queen has a deep love for friends and family and will be there for you. In fact, she’s pretty much there for everyone. Tenderhearted and charitable, she can give too much. For this reason, you may experience the Queen of Summer as an exhausted and cautious person. She has given a great deal and hasn’t always been given to in equal measure. She has experienced loss . . . and in that loss, she may have become wiser and more discerning about whom she lets in.

The Queen stands in a field, surrounded by other fairies. QS can create happiness, she is a summer lady and summer means sun, sun brings happiness. 
QS is a close and trusted friend. She likes protecting her loved ones. QS is also a spiritual teacher.
Ace of Pentacles in reversed position told us that your finances are stable at the moment, and two of wands is giving us the news of your financial status is moving toward a better state of balance. The 2 of Wands indicates fairness and equality, don't hesitate to ask for what you are truly due or worth. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised by how much you can improve your financial situation.
You need to be quick on giving decisions. Do not think so much.  
When it comes to relationships, friendships, a spiritual relationship, friendship is much better option for you now. 
The wand is on your hand, you have the power, you need to give decisions and act. 
As Pentacles in reverse position told us that your relationship is not good,  it is not stable it is based on benefits, and it is not on solid grounds, it is on a swipey ground and it can fall of any time . 
As Ace of Pentacles suggested it is time to change your job if you are thinking of it, two of wands also tell us it is time to move on to a better job.  You might even consider an international job / career 

tarof of druids-the tower  Aillen mac Midhna.jpgFour of Summer

Four of Summer from The Fairy Tarot Deck & Tower – Aillen mac Midhna from The Tarot of The Druids 

Daily life can be full of hectic activities. You could grow distracted and not notice opportunities that are being offered to you. You may become so focused on what you don’t have that you completely discount the gifts that you have been given.

It’s very important to spend time in nature—to take time to quiet your mind and heart. When doing so, ask for messages about what opportunities are around you that you may not be seeing. Heaven is always offering you magical presents, but you have to be open to experiencing these gifts!

You are taking someone or something for granted. You need to learn how to meditate Once you discover the power of meditation, you'll be in control of your daily stress, Four of summer also indicates that you are lack of motivation. Why not going out to nature and seeing the forest for the trees.  Four of summer also tell us that you like daydreaming.

The Tower -  Aillen mac Midhna
When The Tower appears in a reading it tells us ( informs us ) that there is a change is coming and you can not avoid it, there is no way of avoiding that change. This change is going to be a brutal one, it will be forcing you whether you like it, want it or not.  It's not like death card, this happens when you cling on things like people,  If you build your relatonships on a rocky, swipy non solid grounds, your world will eventually tumble down 

"One summer night 
the stars were shining bright 
One summer dream 
made with fancy whims 
That summer night
my whole world tumbled down 
I could have died if not for you"

The Tower card is always around you, when you break up from your boyfriend, when you separated / divorced from your husband / wife, when you lost your job, when you had an accident, crashed your car, when your purse is lost / stolen, other than thinking what's worse? you need to think something worse could have happened, thank to your guardian angels, spirit guides that they have avoided a bigger tragedy.  You can still gain what you loss as long as you are healthy. 

Sometimes we feel trapped, bad, it feels like whatever we are doing is a dead end job, if we are unhappy within ourselves, this card is a reflection of our own world, having unhealthy relationships, breaking up from partner, getting divorced, being separated, losing a job and still not getting over it, living with that draining energy, you want to escape other than trying to resolve.  

The Tower card also might bring back what you lost the same way as it took things from you. 


I hope you can take from today's readings, please leave me a feedback if you want me to try out something different, if you love my blog, get in touch..  

Stay safe until tomorrow !!!