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Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

Today I'm using Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards, this was my first Kippers I purchased in 2006

I decided to use a different system today.

so let's jump to the reading 



A very depressing time,  your might be having mood swings,  not feeling well, a bit under the weather


You are most possibly trying to recover from an illness, maybe depression, or something more serious. 

You cut your cords with some people or you want to cut your cords, more like you want to cut your cords with the negative people around you. 


You are rejecting someone at the moment, maybe that person is the one who brings negativity in your life. 

You are having self doubts on a subject maybe shall I do this or not? Shall I buy this or not? A part of you wants to buy do what your inner self tells you but a part of you stopping you. 

There are many Gypsy Oracles but I much prefer this one.  

The prices starting from £11.47