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The Man From Taured

The Man From Taured

The Man from Taured  Is the story of a man arriving Tokyo Haneda Airport in late 1950’s. 

 He was said to spoke French, & Japanese and multiple languages,

 When he was asked to show / produce his passport, he handed over his passport & Japanese customs officials was unfamiliar with this passport, however his passport had a Japanese stamp from his previous trips and the stamps of many other countries. 

 So the officials got concerned and asked him to point out his country on the map, he got angry When he couldn’t find Taured in the current maps, however he said it’s in between France & Spain. (Andora) 


He got many currencies in his wallet. To investigate him and this matter officers invited him to stay in a hotel and they put two police officers in front of his hotel room. 

 The hotel he booked couldn’t find any reservations under his name.

The business people he suppose to meet that day, had no idea who he is,
The officials couldn’t even find the bank issued him cheque books. 

  Just when the Japanese police was convinced they caught him on action, and have ordered him back to customs, he was nowhere to be found, the hotel had no balcony and there were only 2 ways out of that hotel room, either the window or the door, he clearly never went out all night and the windows were too high too jump. All his personal belongings vanished from Airport security room with the man from Taured.

However there are loads of things to question, whether this is really a time a dimension, Is the right airport but different time zone or a made up story. This story has been in a journal in 1981 ? Btw there's a book about this if you are interested 


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