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The Mystery of Pan Am Flight 914

Douglas DC-4
Douglas DC-4 

The plane that landed 37 years later

Pan Am Flight 914 took off from New York City in 1955 and landed in Venezuela in 1992

Hello I am back with another mystery today. Today We'll be looking at the mysterious case of Pan Am Flight 914

Pan Am Flight 914 was scheduled to take off on 2 July 1955 from New York toMami with 57 passengers and 4 cabin crew .

Not long after Pan Am Flight 914 took off from New York, air traffic controllers has lost signal of Pan Am flight 914. And the plane completely disappeared from the radar systems, and there was no sign of crash or bodies. Nobody knew what had happened to the aircraft.

The Mystery of Pan Am Flight 914
Miami to NY

After an investigation, the authorities decided on the fact that aircraft must have crashed with killing all the passengers and crew on board. They were not able to find the plane and they gave the decision that it must have crashed on sea, after this conclusion

As a result, the airline compensated all of the families of everyone involved with death benefits.

37 years later and something really strange happened, something really weird. It was September 9, 1992, and the airport is in the capital of Venezuela – Caracas, Simón Bolívar International Airport. It looked like a normal day for all of the air traffic controllers. However,a DC-4 Douglas aircraft appeared out of nowhere and had not even been picked up by the airport’s radar.

Juan de la Corte, he played an important part in this Pan Am mystery, he was an air traffic controller,he spotted DC Douglas on his radar.

Juan de la Corte got a contact signal from the Pan Am plane in question.“Where are we?” the pilot asked. He said “We are Pan American Airways flight 914 from New York to Miami with a crew of 4 and 57 passengers,” which surprised Juan.

The report was the Pan Am flight 914 had gone in the wrong direction by approximately 1,800 km, Juan got confused by this but was quick enough to ask some important questions,and he cleared the plane for landing.

Juan then heard the pilot say something that completely shocked him. “We were scheduled to land in Miami at 9:55 am on 2 July 1955,” the pilot said. Juan confirmed to the pilot that he had actually landed in Caracas and that it was, in fact, May 21, 1992. Also, Juan was shocked when he saw the plane…

When Juan saw the Pan Am Flight 914 plane, he was shocked because the plane looked so outdated

The Mystery of Pan Am Flight 914
The Mystery of Pan Am Flight 914 

After Juan told the date to the pilot, panicked, and air control team could hear the panicking & screaming passengers

Juan ordered the security to escort the passengers out of the plane and bring them to the airport, however pilot asked them to not to get near to the plane and the plane took off.

The plane disappeared in the clouds, they have lost the track of the plane on the radar, jets were send to locate the plane but they were unsuccessful But there were other reports have that have identified whereabouts the plane and its passengers just hours after they disappeared from Caracas.

There were reports that claimed the plane arrived in Miami…

There were reports that the plane landed in Miami hours after it took off from Caracas, and landed to the destination airport, that they were supposed to land 37 years ago.

Naturally the staff at the Miami airport were as shocked as Juan in Caracas about the plane’s arrival. As soon as the Pan Am flight 914 arrived in Miami the staffed learned that it was the same place., it had previously taken off in New York on July 2nd, 1955.

Tha airport staff in Miami had a lot of questions for this mysterious plane, After a few hours of interrogation they decided what to do with them. eventually they let the passengers & cabin crew go out of the airport so they can return & reunite with their loved ones.

However what shocked the families and others was they never aged, they looked the same as they looked in 1955, there were loads of questions about this mysterious plane, whereabouts was the plane for the last 37 years, how could it fly without running out of fuel and how could they still look young

The story is mysterious but there's no actual proof of Pan Am Flight 914 exists at all.

Is it possible for the Pan Am Flight 914 to travel 37 years in the air?

Logically No, The fuel in the plane would have allowed them to fly for 6 hours, without fuel it's impossible for that plane to fly, here's the links for PAN AMERICA AIRWAYS Wikipedia page, There is no listing of the Pan Am Flight 914 also no mention of Pan Am Flight 914 on Missing aircraft - Wikipedia Page, But this is Scientifically possible, with Einstein's Time Dilation Theory even though this plane is a hoax maybe it's not a hoax who knows what our governments are keep hiding from from us.

Let's have a look at Einstein's Time dilation theory

According to Wikipedia:  Time dilation is a difference in the elapsed time measured by two clocks, either due to them having a velocity relative to each other, or by there being a gravitational potential difference between their locations. 

After compensating for varying signal delays due to the changing distance between an observer and a moving clock (i.e. Doppler effect), the observer will measure the moving clock as ticking slower than a clock that is at rest in the observer's own reference frame. A clock that is close to a massive body (and which therefore is at lower gravitational potential) will record less elapsed time than a clock situated further from the said massive body (and which is at a higher gravitational potential). 

 Special relativity indicates that, for an observer in an inertial frame of reference, a clock that is moving relative to them will be measured to tick slower than a clock that is at rest in their frame of reference. This case is sometimes called special relativistic time dilation. The faster the relative velocity, the greater the time dilation between one another, with the rate of time reaching zero as one approaches the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s). 

Theoretically, time dilation would make it possible for passengers in a fast-moving vehicle to advance further into the future in a short period of their own time. For sufficiently high speeds, the effect is dramatic. 

For example, one year of travel might correspond to ten years on Earth. Indeed, a constant 1 g acceleration would permit humans to travel through the entire known Universe in one human lifetime. With current technology severely limiting the velocity of space travel, however, the differences experienced in practice are minuscule: after 6 months on the International Space Station (ISS), orbiting Earth at a speed of about 7,700 m/s, an astronaut would have aged about 0.005 seconds less than those on Earth.The cosmonauts Sergei Krikalev and Sergei Avdeyev both experienced time dilation of about 20 milliseconds compared to time that passed on Earth

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