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White Mantra Mother Protects - Wild Kuan Yin Oracle

White Mantra Mother Protects - Wild Kuan Yin Oracle
I bring you my mantra, / bring you protection, / bring you serenity absolute.

No interference can harm you, no obstacle can deter you, no other can prevent your divine success.

I empower your immediate return to peace of mind with an unconditional trust in me.

I bestow this blessing through mantra, alive and inscribed in the white light, within your heart centre now

0m Mani Padme Hum.

You are held in my protection, and all is well and unfolding according to my grace.

Be at peace.

Something or someone is threatening the theft of your peace of comes to protect your inner serenity and sustain your belief in your inevitable progress through the protection of the White Mantra Mother.

This aspect of Kuan Yin appears when the trust in your heart or peace of mind is under threat, leaving you doubting, rather than believing, and feeling insecure, rather than trusting unconditionally.

The protection that is conferred by the White Mantra Mother is absolute. She is known as white because of her purity, which cannot betainted by any degree of ignorance, clumsiness, fear, hate or evil. It is just not possible.

She has been exposed to every type of darkness possible, and still her purity of heart, willingness to forgive and even to bless, has raised her to a level of empowered love that cannot be overcome by any force,by an, trickery, by any deception or doubt.

No matter how intelligent or powerful form of darkness may secan, hers is an in-dwelling light that in extinguishable, an unconditional trust in the power of love on all levels is unshakable. Trust in her, for she cannot be overcome

Put your mind in the light of the Divine.

You are protected.

Release anyfear of being tainted or damaged by the energy of others.

The purity ofyour spirit cannot be harmed.Whatever has been bothering you, allow it to do so no more.

Divine protection and intervention is here for you, now.

Your trust empowers it to work wonders in your world.You are growing spiritually to the point of being able to offer protection to others.

It happens through being able to hold a centre of energy within, stable enough not to be dislodged or compromised by the fears or doubts of others.

Your faith remains true even in the face of another's doubts.

You are becoming a stabilizing presence of love, light and divine power upon the earth.

You are helping others more than you perhaps realize and certainly many of whom you have never met who are on their own paths, trying to stabilize their hearts and minds into a place of loving serenity and wisdom.

Negativity will not triumph in you or your world.

If you are worried about a loved one who seems to be travelling along a path that is going to offer them nothing but struggle and suffering, and despite your best intentions to guide them they persist still, you are asked to hand over your concerns to the Divine Mother with absolute faith.

Imagine, sense or feel a field of pure white light generating above your head.

It swirls and sparkles, clean and pure. It is all around you and through you, and you are feeling peaceful and powerful. a blessing of protection to another.

Say the following prayer:"Kuan Yin, White Mantra Mother, protect me With your mantra.

Bring it to life in my cells, within my heart and mind, so the serenity of your grace becomes a divine imprint etched upon my heart and mind,a sanctuary of your spirit, held within, to which I can always return. So be it." If you wish to offer a blessing of protection to another. 

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