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Friendship - Magickal Spell Cards

Friendship - Magickal Spell Cards
Friendship - Magickal Spell Cards

Without caring, connected relationships, itis difficult to flourish and grow as a human,because it is within these relationships that we practice  and learn how to be better people.

In friendship, we discover how to be with each other as well as who we truly are as individuals. This spell will offer you support in attracting, nurturing and sustaining newand magickal relationships. 


If you are dissatisfied with your current friendships, this spell may help you to disengage peacefully, without rancour, opening up space for healthy new connections to grow.

If you are lonely — and many of us are — you may find yourself creating,almost without any effort at all, wonderful new friendships with people who support, love, understand and challenge you in healthy inspiring ways.

If this spell has chosen you, you are being guided to consider your current relationships, to look them over with a fresh eye.

This spell will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your existing friendships and it will also help you to meet people who actively encourage the growth of your soul, propelling you further along the path to radiance and fulfillment.

If you have chosen to cast this spell, you know it is time to have healthier, more inspiring and nourishing relationships.

This spell will help clear the way for health and love to enter existing relationships or allow them to peacefully reach an ending so you move on and into relationships that you can truly grow within.

Do not be afraid —you are a beautiful, loving soul, with great potential to be surrounded by love.


You will need a candle, three pieces of rose quartz and three lengths of ivy (or three green ribbons), as well as oils of sandalwood, rosegeranium, orange, rose (optional) and patchouli.

Blend one drop of patchouli and three drops of each other oil with a base oil to create an anointing oil for your candle.

Go to your sacred space and see a circle of green light glowing all about you.

Anoint your candle, see in friendships growing all about you, strengthening, becoming peaceful,honest, full of joy, sharing, support and love.

See them lasting and changing in wonderful ways over time. Light your candle.

Hold the three stones in your left hand and chant three times:

Bring to me friendship true Sharing, laughter, understanding, too Goddess, now send to me Friendship loyal, friendship free.

Give and take and honour bound Friendship brave and so profound I no longer feel alone With friendship new, friendship known. Draw to me hearts so kind That joy about me now will wind.

Enduring, honest, real and strong Friendship deep, friendship long And by (he power of the three by three As I do will, so mote it be.

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