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The Proud Pierrette - Divine Circus Oracle

The Proud Pierrette - Divine Circus Oracle
The Proud Pierrette - Divine Circus Oracle



If you were proud of who you are and everything you have learned in your life, free from shame,guilt or judgment, what would you choose for yourself today?

Tie choices you make for yourself from a place of feeling good are going to be more loving and helpful than anything from a place of self-judgment.

You've nothing to regret, you've learned a lot and you're a beautiful unique being on a wild divine journey.

Be kind to yourself.Keep your head up ! it will be easier to keep growing and glowing.Dear wild one, have you felt like you've lost your footing?

Got a bit clumsy? Made a mistake ? Have you been second-guessing your choices ?

Don't you dare doubt you! Be proud of all you've done and how far you've come.

Never be ashamed of who you are, or the journey you've taken If you feel that life is getting you down, or you should have, or could have, made different decisions in life, the oracle of The Proud Pierette comes to you with reassurance.

You are doing a great job. You are meant to have learning experiences. What matters is that you choose to learn.And you do! In your own time and your own way, you make sense of things and you grow wiser and stronger as a person.

If the ridicule, judgment or shaming you are dealing with is not an internal' situation but something you feel is coming from those who would seek to tear you down to make themselves feel better about who they are (a strange but not so rare(il)logic),c), then know that the oracle brings you comfort.

You are stronger and wilder and more beautiful and true than any of that mean-spirited fearfulness.

You might feel as though the fearful ones are killing your joy, but keep your chin up because you4,are going to get through this and leave it behind.

Any mud being slung your way is not going to stick. Let it slide right off or remain stuck in the hands of those throwing it your way.

Keep your sense of inner dignity intact.

Never make yourself smaller to placate the fear in another's heart.

Take pride in who you are.

Be proud to be you! And know that this is a way to respect and honour the creative loving power of the universe that created you.

HEALING TRICK To help you take the wisdom offered and put it to best use in your life now, do this healing trick to clear obstacles to putting this guidance into place.

Stand comfortably with your feet slightly apart and your hands resting either by your sides or lightly on your hips. Gently draw your shoulders back and your chin slightly up.

Imagine that you feel relaxed and confident, strong and clear.

You gaze out at the world around you from behind your eyes.

You do not look down or away, you gaze at the world softly but directly.

You are insole possession of your spirit.What does this feel like? Is it similar to how you usually stand and meet the world? If not, would you like to try this stance more often?


You may like to finish your healing trick by stating the following affrmation aloud to boost the power of this message and to integrate it into your body, mind and soul.

You can say it morning and/or evening for a few days or even a few months, or just at the end of your healing trick."With my head held high, I look the world straight in the eye; I stand my ground and believe in myself. Each and every day, I always find my way.

I take pride in me. I am proud to be me."

Card artwork: "Pierrette" by Maxine Gadd

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